Legal Advice

The legal regime of the real estates in Bulgaria regarding foreign people according to up-to-date Bulgarian legislation, can be divided into two groups:

Regime for acquisition of buildings

There are no restrictions for acquisition of a building in the territory of Bulgaria from a foreign person – a natural person or company. The regime is the same as for the Bulgarian people. In other words, registration of a company is not required when purchasing a flat or other property without land - the regime for acquisition is free - every foreign person can directly purchase them.

Regime for acquisition of land

The principle settled in the Bulgarian constitution is that there is a prohibition against foreign people to purchase land in Bulgaria.

But there is a legal way for foreigners to purchase land in Bulgaria and it is to owe a whole real estate in Bulgaria (land with a building).

This way requires establishing and registering of a company in Bulgaria, which will purchase the property. The company is going to be a Bulgarian juridical person according to Bulgarian law and in this way - the prohibition will not be in force, because, not a foreign person but the Bulgarian company will be the owner of the real estate. The establishment of the company is an easy and quick process.

The price for registering of a Bulgarian limited company is 900 Euros (1 755 Bulgarian Levs). This price includes fees for registration of the company in the trade register of the local court, reserving a name for the company, promulgation in the Gazette, registration at the Bulgarian Statistics Institute, preparing of a company stamp, notarisation of the documents, a translator and certified translation, solicitor fees, etc.

Registering of a company requires also opening of a bank account with deposit of 2 570 Euros (5000 Levs). This founding capital can be fully withdrawn from the bank as soon as the registration is completed.

The process of registering a company can take between few days and two weeks.

Then signet the notary deed, buyer must paid all taxes - notary, state and other. This taxes are depend of the cost of the deal. The minimal sum of this value usually is 200 Euros. They are not a maximal value.

Our Fees

If you're interested in purchasing a Bulgarian property, our fee structure is quite simple.
If you wish to view any of the properties that we offer for sale, we charge 0.13 Euros/km to cover the fuel charges and wear costs of the vehicle only. There are not any viewing charges.

When you purchase any of our properties for sale, we will charge a commission of 3 % from the property price, but not less than 307 Euros (600 BGN). This will be signed in an agency contract. The half of this commission has to be paid upon our engagement to finalize the buying process (signed agency contract) and the second half when the purchase of a property is completed.

This commission excludes a notary, states and other taxes for acquisition of the property signing of notary deed.